The Rangers History and Heritage

Additional Information

 The Rangers are one of the oldest group names in the history and heritage of Southern Gospel Music, second only to the Blackwood Brothers.    The original group was started in 1936 by a group of Texas Rangers and throughout the years many well-known names within the industry have, at one time or another, been a member of this famous group.  A few of these names are;  Leroy Abernathy, Jimmy Jones, Bobby Clark, Ronnie Page, David Reese, Hovie Lister, Denver Crumpler, Doy Ott and Bill Nelson of the famous Swanee River Boys.  If you will notice, Hovie, Denver and Doy eventually became members of the later-formed Statesmen Quartet.  Through the years, ownership of the group was traditionally passed down from member to member, the most recent transfers being from David Reese to Bill Nelson and then on to Mike Nelson.  The current members of the group are Mike Nelson singing tenor, Bobby Wilson singing lead, Larry Biggs singing baritone and Rick Bradley singing bass.  Bobby, Larry and Rick have actually come “full circle” as they all were members of a local family group more than 45 years ago.  These men are not only 4 guys that sing and worship together, they are more like four brothers that really love each other as family.  The group has also been honored by the Governors of two states having been commissioned “Ambassadors of Good Will” in both Texas and Tennessee.  The Rangers have truly been blessed by God as we go forward to spread His word.